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Commissioning A Portrait

A Portrait is a multiple lifetime keepsake. For this reason it is important to consider a few important tips that will help in the success of a life treasure portrait.

Photos Original photos can work. The best photos show the person(s) or pet up close. The closer and sharper the better the portrait. If you are taking your own photos they should be taken with a digital camera or cell phone. Don't be afraid to get close to the subject and fill out the picture with their image. As you can see portraits are mostly about the person and not so much about the setting. 

                Photos are emailed to me.

                Photos taken close to the subject make for a much better portrait.

                  Take many photos - Finding that 'Just Right' picture will be much easier

by taking many shots than trying to get the 'Perfect Shot'.

            Let me help in picking the best photo. I have years

of experience in photography and painting.

As for prices:

Portraits of people are usually head shots. Close up portraits really make the best statement. Candid photos are even better.

Portraits of Pets can be either full body or just of the head. Both make great portraits

All portraits are painted using black oil paint only. (Sepia portraits are also an option)

Single portraits (one person, pet) start at $150.00*. Single portraits (two people) $250.00*

Two separate portraits (one person each) $275.00 total.

Portraits in full color can range from $250 and up depending on the complexity of the portrait.

*An exact price will be quote after receiving the photo to be painted.

Completion Dates:

Once the photo has been selected for the portrait the completion date is usually

less than a week for simple one color (usually Black) works.

Complex portraits, a lot of detail, of course will take longer.

Full color or two color portraits can take up to two weeks, again depending on the complexity*.

All completion dates are subject to the number of portraits already commissioned. A small delay in time will surely be a worth the pleasure and satisfaction you will experience upon receiving the portrait.

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you and getting started on your Portrait.