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Fine Art Paintings Fine Art Paintings Uzel House Digital & Watercolors 206507595 Blue Pelican Acrylic, 16x20 Stretched Canvas 206464667 White Heron 9x12 Acrylic on Canvas board 206464456 Sea Stars Acrylic, 18 x 24, Taken in part from photo by Stephen Moore 204360540 On The Oyster Hunt Placed: Best in Show, Lynwood Artist, Piedmont Arts Association Expression Exhibition 2016, Martinsville, VA ;. . . . . Honorable Mention Up Town Gallery, Mellow Yellow Show 2017, Richmond VA; . . . . . Honorable Mention Art Works April 2017, Richmond VA . . . . ACRYLIC . . . . . . . . Painted from photo by Jay Fleming 202086377 Room for One More Acrylic Photo by Steve Hamilton There are many small fishing boats on the Chesapeake Bay. A lot in service and many discarded or tired. The wooden boat here was built locally, used, and then became unneeded. Rain filled, the boat still manages to stay afloat. Even though it is still keeping it's head above water there's not much room for additional ballast. Maybe, if lucky, there's still "Room for One More". 203700711 Resting Photo by Mike Land Acrylic Original $5,700 Print $600 Photo by Mike Land 203700734 One Red Leaf Chestertown MD on the Chester River. I took this photo and painted it with the intention of giving the appearance of the boat appear to be coming off the canvas. The painting won First Place in the 40th Annual JEB Stuart Art Show. Acrylic 203998867 Sharp Island Lighthouse Acrylic Taken from photo by Jay Fleming 200872969 Dish Pan Cam Photo by Jay Fleming Acrylic 203700735 Hanging Ballast Acrylic 200872971 Great Tack Acrylic 200872993 Safe Harbor Tack Acrylic Sailboat taken from photo by Jay Fleming 200872972 18 Clam$ Acrylic Painted from photo by Mike Cable 200872994 Blue Rode Acrylic 200872973 Rowing Out Water Color 203700733 Sorry Taken Worton Creek cove Water Color 200872996 He's Gone The birds always return to anoint the decks after the Captain leaves. Water Color 200872997 Docked Oil 203700691 "That's What She Said." 20 x 20 Acrylic That's What She Said 206690962